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Sight of copies of the questioned documents is required (even faxes may be of assistance if the matter is urgent) so that the basic nature of the questioned documents can be ascertained. Generally, from these copies, a free of charge estimate of costs can be given in writing for examination and the preparation of a formal report on findings. Estimates are based on the number of hours required and are therefore dependent on the complexity of the matter and determination of the appropriate examinations to be applied. Naturally, original documents are required for examination.


An estimated turn around time for any case will be given at the outset. This varies from time to time dependent upon casework and court commitments. However, a prime objective of the Practice is to assist those instructing within their required time framework and consequently reports, if urgently required, are completed to the client's request where practicable or an alternative timescale identified.


Frequently, those instructing merely ask whether, for instance, a signature on a document is genuine. However, a signature may well have been written by the individual said to have produced the same but the remainder of the document itself may not be genuine. Consideration of other factors such as whether text has been added to a document, whether there has been alteration to a text, whether a document has had pages substituted, whether the document has been signed in blank, back-dated etc. should always be considered in forensic casework.



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